IRON GOLD: What a Tangled Cosmos We Weave

It has been ten years since Darrow of Mars led the Rising against the corrupt hierarchy of the Society and toppled their mighty Sovereign. The peace Darrow and his friends sought has not come to pass. Instead, war plagues the system like a cancer and the ramifications of what Darrow started years ago have started to become clear. As Darrow leads a frantic mission, others across the solar system embark on paths to their own destinies.

ARTEMIS: One Small Heist, One Giant Leap

Jazz Bashara lives on the moon, in the first and only human-made city on the lunar surface: Artemis. Life is far from easy on Artemis, unless you happen to be a member of the elite class that helped found and fund the city. Jazz is determined to move herself up the economic ladder in Artemis and what better way to do that than to provide what people want but can’t get? Jazz is a smuggler.