AN ABSOLUTELY REMARKABLE THING: Confessional Self-Critique Couched in Science Fiction Epic

It is often – if not entirely – impossible to predict what will catapult you into overnight fame, but when April May makes a slightly silly video about a strange metal art piece she finds at night in NYC, she wakes up the next morning an internet celebrity. Turns out the Carls - the metal figures who appeared around the globe and got their name from her video - are not some strange art piece but evidence of alien life and its attempt to communicate with the people of Earth.

SPINNING SILVER: A Stark and Thrilling Fantasy Adventure

When the Staryk road appears, it is best to stay inside, stay out of sight, and pray you aren’t carrying any gold. The winters grow longer and harsher as the cold warriors of the Staryk raid and plunder. But Miryem has the health of her mother to concern herself with and only she can do what her soft-hearted, moneylender father refuses to do: collect the debts that the townsfolk owe her family.